Dolores Davis
Adult and Children Basic Education, ESL and Job-Related Skills; Teacher, Tutor, Coach, Online or In-person

Native language: English US
Currently living in: Netherlands
Skype name: dolores.davis2

I have worked in education my entire career, first in administration, and the past decade in the classroom. I have a masters degree in Continuing Education; a Bachelors degree in Adult Education; and Associates degree in Human Development. My expereience is in both formal and informal settings. I have taught all ages from elementary level to adolescents to adults. My experience includes basic education, test preparation (general education diploma), Job-readiness Training, Clerical Skills, Management / Job-Related Situations, and workshops in oreintations, work-skills analysis, and parenting workshops.

In addition to the above services, I am also offering services in teaching English Language skills. This includes grammar, speaking / pronunciation, writing, and listening skills. If you are preparing for any exams in English language we can discuss your goals.

I truly enjoy assisting learners by creating lesson planning based on their goals, building upon current your current skills level and determining areas of weakness. Together we will create your personalized studies. We can also study any materials (school, work, or personal) that you would like to study.

  • Onsite: Amsterdam, NL
  • Online
    • I can tutor you online using skype. We can schedule times for your uninterrupted tutoring appointments. Further supportive and communication services (such as your personalized lesson plans and learning resources) are available at anytime, through my teacher website and email.
Please contact me for more information.